Cash loan disbursement

If you want to take out a loan, you should think carefully about the form in which the money from the loan should be available. Should it be transferred to an account or paid out in cash? Or can it even flow directly into the planned purchase?

Those who plan well in this regard will not have to accept any surprises when borrowing. Because he will find exactly the loan he needs for his project.

Such preliminary considerations are particularly important if a cash loan is sought. In other words, a loan in which the loan amount is paid out directly in cash after approval of the loan.


Which loans are suitable for this?

cash loan

Only those credit offers in which the money is freely available can be considered as cash loans. This would be the case with the classic installment loan. Real estate loans, consumer loans or even car loans are not suitable as cash loans. After the borrowing, the money flows directly into the planned purchase and you do not receive it as a borrower in cash or transfer it to an account.

On top of that, many banks only offer a cash advance if the amount is manageable. So if you want to take out a 100,000 dollar loan, you shouldn’t be surprised if the bank reacts a little sniffed when a cash payment is desired. Smaller loan amounts are usually not a problem.


How does the cash advance take place?

cash loan

The cash loan payment can be made in different ways. Depending on where the loan was taken out.

Anyone who has opted for borrowing via the Internet must usually have the cash loan paid out at the post office. Because online banks have no branches that can be visited to have the money withdrawn.

In such a case, a little time should be planned, since such loans cannot necessarily score with their speed. But they are very inexpensive and easy to absorb, which are definitely plus points that should speak for an online loan.

If the loan was taken out directly from a local bank, the bank will then pay the money from the loan directly. There would be no need to go to the post office. In addition, you can usually wait for the payout directly. This means that it takes place immediately after applying for the loan, which means that the money can be available within a few minutes.

However, it must also be borne in mind here that the bank must be asked in advance what conditions must be in place for a cash loan payment. On top of that, attention must be paid to the creditworthiness, which must present itself properly so that borrowing is even possible. In addition, a reference account must always be specified, from which the installments for the loan can then be debited. Because a cash payment of the monthly installments is not provided.

Debt restructuring without Credit Bureau information

It happens again and again that people want to reschedule their previous loans and payment obligations to a lender. Another option is to replace the current overdraft facility on the current account so that it is no longer debited and the salary account is free.

Not everyone has the opportunity to access a new loan, for example because of negative entries at Credit Bureau, and is therefore looking for debt restructuring without Credit Bureau information.

Loans without Credit Bureau can also be viewed positively

Loans without Credit Bureau can also be viewed positively

In recent years, prejudices against so-called Credit Bureau-free loans have repeatedly arisen. Again and again there was talk of a lack of seriousness and gladly lumped every loan offer for loans without Credit Bureau. However, as with all other financial products, the range is also large for Credit Bureau-free loans, which of course also applies to debt restructuring without Credit Bureau information.

However, a loan without Credit Bureau is anything but a dubious way to get a loan. While the banks in Germany do not provide loans without Credit Bureau information, the situation is different abroad. However, since foreign financial institutions rarely grant this form of credit directly, a credit intermediary must be interposed, who will then take care of the formalities.

Apply for debt rescheduling without Credit Bureau information about credit intermediaries

Apply for debt rescheduling without Credit Bureau information about credit intermediaries

There are numerous credit intermediaries operating in Germany through which it is possible to apply for a debt-free loan for debt restructuring. However, there are numerous differences among intermediaries, which is why it is important for potential borrowers who want to convert to debt to take a close look. Any reputable credit broker will refrain from processing costs that have to be paid in advance.

Good loans without Credit Bureau are therefore usually those for which there are no upfront costs in advance, so the borrower is not asked to checkout if the loan is not successfully brokered.

Some reputable credit brokers have also specialized in loans without Credit Bureau, which give their customers the opportunity to take out such a Credit Bureau-free loan without a great deal of bureaucratic effort and without the calculation of prepaid processing costs. It is also worth comparing the various credit intermediaries here if you are looking for an internet loan for debt restructuring without Credit Bureau.

Loan a car without Credit Bureau?

A new car, no matter whether it is a new car or a used one, whether you just want the car or if you urgently need it – the car has to be finance d somehow. Many people are looking for a car without Credit Bureau or car financing without Credit Bureau – but is this possible in Germany at all?

In theory, you can answer this question very simply: no, there is no car financing in Germany without Credit Bureau. However, there is no reason to regard a negative Credit Bureau as an inevitable problem with car financing – what is important is the overall creditworthiness of the customer.

In order to check this, the ratio of expenditure to income is examined more and more closely, regardless of whether you contact the house bank, another bank or savings bank, a car bank or the local car dealer.

Can you afford the car?

Can you afford the car?

This does not mean whether you can pay the entire purchase price to the dealer in an ad hoc payment, but rather to what extent your financial scope is sufficient to pay the monthly installment to the bank or the dealer.

Checking your leeway is not only in the interest of the bank / car dealer, but also in your own interest, because if you take out a loan or car financing without actually being able to afford it, you run the risk of over-indebtedness in the long term.

Car financing without Credit Bureau

Car financing without Credit Bureau

Financing a car without Credit Bureau will also not be finance able through a loan without Credit Bureau from abroad, offered via German credit agencies such as Astro Finance, Lite Lender or Cream Bank, since the amount of such a Swiss loan is hardly sufficient to actually cover the purchase price – the loan could only be used as a supplement. If your car costs less than 7,000 dollars, you have the option of paying it with two Swiss loans (and two borrowers).

As a private person, you should generally say goodbye to leasing – for many leasing is tempting for the supposed flexibility that you enjoy as a lessee. However, there are now also flexible financing options, for example at Mercedes Benz, where the buyer only decides at the end of the financing period whether to keep the car, return it to the dealer and thus avoid the final installment, or sell it privately.

Debt restructuring in difficult cases


A debt rescheduling in difficult cases often makes more sense than a conventional debt rescheduling, because the cost of a loan can be significantly reduced by a debt rescheduling. As a result, it is precisely the financially difficult cases that rescheduling is all the more helpful.

With debt rescheduling, an existing loan, often several loans, is always replaced and completely paid off with the loan amount of the new loan. This process is not uncommon in the economy, since the new loan can be taken out on better terms and the costs for the interest are considerably reduced.

Debt rescheduling in difficult cases 

Debt rescheduling in difficult cases 

Debt rescheduling in difficult cases is always preceded by a credit comparison, because only with a credit comparison can the cheapest providers on the market be found. After all, the new loan should be taken out at ideal conditions, since it makes little sense to replace an economically unprofitable loan with an equally bad new loan.

As a result, debt restructuring in difficult cases is only possible or makes sense if the loan actually saves money. Then, however, there still remains the poor creditworthiness, which is almost always the case in difficult cases. You have to somehow convince the new bank that provides the new loan of your own creditworthiness. In the end, only facts and figures count here.

Difficult cases should not despair directly

Difficult cases should not despair directly

It usually makes no sense to deal with the fact that a new loan is not possible at all and that rescheduling is unrealistic. Especially when the financial situation is not ideal and every dollar counts, debt restructuring should always be sought in order to demonstrably reduce the cost of a loan.

Even if an overdraft facility has been used on your own checking account, which happens automatically as soon as the account is overdrawn, it should be replaced as soon as possible. Overdraft facilities, regardless of which bank, always have an enormous interest burden and always cause high costs for the holder of the checking account (and thus also for borrowers).

These loans urgently need to be redeemed, regardless of whether an incoming payment can be arranged or whether a loan is requested. If possible, you can show a guarantor for the new loan and have it anchored in the loan agreement, which significantly increases the borrower’s creditworthiness.

In any case, loans with a very high interest rate burden must be repaid quickly in all circumstances, as otherwise a spiral of debt could be revealed, which would increasingly make the borrower a “difficult case” in finance.

Debt restructuring for pensioners

Retirement should actually be enjoyed with good financial security. Many retirees plan well in advance how they want to enjoy this period of life. Some things, such as the age-appropriate renovation of the house, had of course still to be financed on credit. Sobering up comes with the pension notification. Without debt restructuring for pensioners, the payment burden can no longer be borne.

Debt rescheduling – regain financial freedom

Debt rescheduling - regain financial freedom

It has been ten years since politics brought the agenda to its citizens. However, very few were able to correctly assess the financial impact. Her focus was on the approaching pension. Many simply assumed an age-appropriate income. Before retirement, everything should be properly prepared for retirement. The car was exchanged for a new car.

With foresight, many have prepared their living space for senior citizens. The whole thing was financed through reserves and credit. The pension notice finally triggered a state of shock. The pension is secure, only in the amount it was extremely reduced. In this way, Germany can save the dollars and only has to “improve” the poverty reports. But all anger does not help. Only debt restructuring for pensioners can help effectively.

Benefits of debt restructuring

Benefits of debt restructuring

A debt rescheduling is always worth considering when the current payment obligations are no longer in harmony with the income. The original loan amount has been reduced due to the deduction already made. The value date of the liabilities opens up scope for significantly lower installment payments.

Often people hesitate too long before admitting to themselves that things cannot go on like this. In addition to the credit installments, the current bills are depressing. Health costs rise significantly in old age. Many benefits that should be covered “on schedule” by the health insurance company now have an additional impact on pension income.

Money that is missing elsewhere. It is not uncommon for the mountain of unpaid bills to grow. A debt restructuring for pensioners can break the Gordian knot. All liabilities can be summarized again. Only a monthly rate has to be paid. Financial freedom has thus been regained.

Possible providers of debt restructuring

Possible providers of debt restructuring

Age limits can be a problem in finding loans for retirees. The house banks often reject the loan application without justification. In this situation, two different approaches remain. All credit options can be reopened by a solvent co-applicant, for example one of the children. For the co-applicant, the risk of actually being liable is small. People live much longer than their creditworthiness suggests.

If you have no children or want to save your children the risk, you can do it yourself. Debt restructuring is offered by various providers on the Internet. However, the view should be a little more precise with the offers. If residual debt insurance is required, it makes the debt rescheduling loan more expensive.

Faster credit application

Financial needs can arise suddenly: for example, due to a real emergency such as an accident or a lack of income, or simply because the furniture store has reduced the long-awaited fitted kitchen significantly in price. Whatever should be financed quickly – there are certainly ways to get the necessary funds as directly as possible. Even so, it is a fact that many consumers have a misconception of the length of time until the loan is paid out.

The instant loan

The instant loan

Instant credit is a particularly quick loan: you apply for it online, either at one of the well-known branch banks, such as Lite Lender, or at a credit agency such as Cream Bank, Best Bank or Astro Finance. As a rule, it is assumed that the prospect is an employee, on a firm, non-temporary basis. Self-employed people do not receive instant credit on the Internet because it takes longer to assess their creditworthiness – this is mainly due to the fluctuating income that self-employed and freelancers record.

However, a quick loan or instant loan is not characterized by the fact that the money ends up in the account particularly quickly: rather, it means that the prospect receives a loan approval or loan cancellation quickly, usually within 24 hours. The loan approval is always provisional and based on the information on salary and collateral provided in the application. However, these are checked, of course, by means of account statements, pay slips and the submission of an employment contract.

Instant loan online

Instant loan online

In the case of an instant loan, it is common for an application to be completed online, which the interested party must then print out, and via PostIdent procedure, together with the necessary documents (employment contract, account statements, pay slips), to the lending bank or the corresponding credit agency working with the bank works, sends. After checking the creditworthiness, the consumer receives the final loan approval in the form of a credit contract by post, which he has to sign and then send to the bank. Only then can the instant loan be paid out to a specified account, sometimes also by post.

Loan for pensioners – home finance

There is a widespread belief that retirees or seniors find it extremely difficult, if not impossible, to obtain a loan. Admittedly, many banks draw a line from a certain age of the borrower and refuse to grant a loan – but by no means all banks behave in this way: there are insurance companies and credit institutions that offer very special offers in the area of ​​mortgage lending for senior citizens – key words pension mortgage.


Widespread behavior of banks is incomprehensible

It’s because pensioners have a regular income and run the risk of being unable to pay the credit rates due to unemployment or incapacity to work. The often-cited argument of the risk of death can quickly be invalidated by taking out residual debt insurance – there are actually no reasonable reasons to persuade pensioners to refrain from borrowing so persistently or to reduce the amount of loan and the repayment period in such a way if a loan approval has been granted.


Annuity mortgage 

As is known, the construction financing of Securelife Finance is aimed at very specific target groups – it is not surprising that the offer of a bond mortgage is also surprising: the fixed interest rate, which is lifelong, ensures that liquidity is available even in old acts. As a security, a debit-free property is loaned, the repayment rate can be adjusted individually, which gives the borrower flexibility. It is worth mentioning that Securelife Finance does not seem to want to sell its customers unnecessary supplementary insurance.

Conclusion: It is not necessarily difficult for pensioners or senior citizens who can provide appropriate collateral, such as a debit-free property, to obtain financing, even with a large loan amount. However, it happens that, despite the existence of sufficient collateral, the banks require the borrower to get more equity from a certain age – this age limit is often between 60 and 65 years. If they do not require equity, a special residual debt insurance is usually required, which, the older the insured, the more expensive it becomes. It can even happen that the bank requests a signature of the heir of the property on the loan agreement.

Such a loan is in fact a reverse mortgage, which is hardly known in Germany and is widespread in other countries, such as “reverse mortage” in the United States.