Loan a car without Credit Bureau?

A new car, no matter whether it is a new car or a used one, whether you just want the car or if you urgently need it – the car has to be finance d somehow. Many people are looking for a car without Credit Bureau or car financing without Credit Bureau – but is this possible in Germany at all?

In theory, you can answer this question very simply: no, there is no car financing in Germany without Credit Bureau. However, there is no reason to regard a negative Credit Bureau as an inevitable problem with car financing – what is important is the overall creditworthiness of the customer.

In order to check this, the ratio of expenditure to income is examined more and more closely, regardless of whether you contact the house bank, another bank or savings bank, a car bank or the local car dealer.

Can you afford the car?

Can you afford the car?

This does not mean whether you can pay the entire purchase price to the dealer in an ad hoc payment, but rather to what extent your financial scope is sufficient to pay the monthly installment to the bank or the dealer.

Checking your leeway is not only in the interest of the bank / car dealer, but also in your own interest, because if you take out a loan or car financing without actually being able to afford it, you run the risk of over-indebtedness in the long term.

Car financing without Credit Bureau

Car financing without Credit Bureau

Financing a car without Credit Bureau will also not be finance able through a loan without Credit Bureau from abroad, offered via German credit agencies such as Astro Finance, Lite Lender or Cream Bank, since the amount of such a Swiss loan is hardly sufficient to actually cover the purchase price – the loan could only be used as a supplement. If your car costs less than 7,000 dollars, you have the option of paying it with two Swiss loans (and two borrowers).

As a private person, you should generally say goodbye to leasing – for many leasing is tempting for the supposed flexibility that you enjoy as a lessee. However, there are now also flexible financing options, for example at Mercedes Benz, where the buyer only decides at the end of the financing period whether to keep the car, return it to the dealer and thus avoid the final installment, or sell it privately.

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